Nature Positive by 2030

The Race Is On to secure a nature-positive world, in support of climate action and the Sustainable Development Goals.

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Transformative action for an equitable, nature-positive and carbon-neutral world.

The symptoms of our unbalanced relationship with the natural world, and of our unsustainable production and consumption patterns, are impossible to miss: pandemics; record global temperatures; one million species at risk of extinction.

We urgently need to change course.

Fortunately, this year, we have a momentous opportunity to secure a sustainable and healthy future for people and the planet. World leaders are scheduled to make critical decisions on climate and the environment. Together, they can and must take ambitious and integrated action on our interconnected challenges and deliver an equitable, nature-positive and carbon-neutral world for all.

The Leaders’ Pledge for Nature sends a united signal to step up ambition for nature, with more than 90 world leaders to-date committing to reverse biodiversity loss by 2030 for sustainable development. Now the race is on to turn words into urgent action.

To help secure a nature-positive world this decade, governments must urgently implement their ten Leaders’ Pledge for Nature commitments. But action is needed across society: from businesses, financial institutions, cities, sub-national governments, indigenous peoples, youth, communities and individuals.

#TheRaceIsOn: Nature Positive by 2030

#TheRaceIsOn is a global multi-stakeholder communications campaign, supported by Leaders’ Pledge for Nature governments, business groupings and civil society, to drive ambition and action on nature through to the biodiversity and climate CoPs in 2021, and beyond, into a ‘Decade of Action’.

Designed as an umbrella campaign, #TheRaceIsOn is intended to create a ‘race to the top,’ encouraging world leaders to endorse the Leaders’ Pledge for Nature and swiftly move to action. At the same time, it supports calls for other stakeholders – such as businesses, cities, and individuals – to take action to secure a nature-positive world this decade.


Get Involved

#TheRaceIsOn for Governments to be Nature Positive by 2030: World leaders who have endorsed the Leaders’ Pledge for Nature are called on to urgently implement their commitments translating them into ambitious decisions ahead of the biodiversity and climate COPs and into transformative actions. Leaders who are yet to endorse the Pledge are encouraged to increase their ambition level by taking transformative actions and endorsing the Pledge.

#TheRaceIsOn for Businesses to be Nature Positive by 2030: Businesses are encouraged to take action by signing up to develop science-based targets for nature and advocating for ambitious nature policies.

#TheRaceIsOn for Finance Institutions to be Nature Positive by 2030: Finance institutions can align their investment decisions to reverse nature loss and be nature-positive by 2030, and are encouraged to sign up to initiatives such as the Finance for Biodiversity Pledge.

#TheRaceIsOn for Cities to be Nature Positive by 2030: Cities and local governments can take action to create a nature-positive future through initiatives such as CitiesWithNature and by signing up to the Edinburgh Declaration.

  • To find out how your city or region can be involved, contact supporting organizations such as ICLEI.

#TheRaceIsOn for Individuals to be Nature Positive by 2030: Individuals are encouraged to take nature-positive action and advocate for transformative action from their government, through platforms such as Voice for the Planet.

Voluntary Actions

View the voluntary actions log: actions that have been submitted by endorsers of the Leaders' Pledge for Nature on a voluntary basis.

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